Monday, 9 November 2009

Small business accounting

A study by Kingston University shows that almost half of small businesses have maintained their profitability.

At the Accounting and Bookkeeping College we are not at all surprised by this. Small businesses have always been adaptable and resourceful and, if they rely on anyone at all for funds, they are more likely to borrow from their owners than from the bank.

Small businesses are also highly likely to source skills that they need internally and bookkeeping is a task that frequently lands on the desk either of a proprietor of the business or someone who is very closely involved with its everday management. These very capable people are willing and able to tackle bookkeeping and recognise its crucial significance in running the business effectively. They may well, however, not have any proper training and this is where our ABC of Bookkeeping course may be one of the best investments that the owners can make in running a profitable business.

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