Thursday, 11 February 2010

The Price of Learning

As the country in which we live increasingly feels the pinch it seems certain to ask us to pay more for our education. The Policy Exchange, for instance, recommends higher fees overall and a free market for universities to charge what they think the market will bear. You can read its recommendations here.
Apart from charging higher fees it is also inevitable that our higher education institutions will try and and save on the cost of teaching students and they are right to do so. There is no longer any good reason to think that the best way of teaching a class is by placing a lecturer at the front of a hall. Online courses are becoming a key part of the whole education system and will become increasingly important. Any university or college which does not deliver a large part of its courses online will find that it can no longer compete.

Fortunately accounting and bookkeeping are almost the ideal subjects to study by distance learning in general and online learning in particular. Find out more about courses at the Accounting and Bookkeeping College. You might find that they cost less than you think.

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